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Paul Pang USB Card (v4+) + external LPS + OCXO Clock combo

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Paul Pang USB Card (v4+) + external LPS + OCXO Clock combo

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Hey guys,

I'm in search of a Paul Pang USB card with the OCXO Clock and an outboard LPS. If the outboard PSU can also power my Hugo 2 (5V USB output) that would be a bonus, but isn't really expected. A newer version of the card would be highly preferred (v4 or newer).

I can offer a SOtM SMS-200 plus a battery (clean) power supply for trade. I will be upgrading the SMS-200 to be beyond the NEO specification with help from Artiz, the North American SOtM engineers/dealers. I also have some interconnects to offer for trade, but for anyone that has this kind of combo to sell, they will probably be a downgrade anyways.

Based in Canada, but I'm sure we can work out shipping. Able to pay in USD paypal.

One combo just sold in Canada for $400 CAD - so hoping to a similar price for the combo.


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