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I'm super new here and I'm hoping someone can help.

Right now I'm using ATH-M50x for my daily use driver.  Mostly its work calls (w/ antlion mod mic), playing games, watch/listen to streaming anything... etc, etc.  I ware them 10+ hrs a day and 6+ days a week.  

They are great and super comfortable for long term.  Unfortunately, as they sit on the top of my head for that long, I'm getting a thinning spot right there.  Yes, I have considered the fact that I might just be getting old :)  but really, its only right there and around my ear...  I'm thinking having something rubbing on my head for 120+ hrs a week for the last 10 years might have some sort of issue.

Anyway, me being old aside, I'm looking for something different.  Around the ear is a must, closed back preferably but I'm not opposed to open back.  The main thing is, I'd like around the neck instead of over the head.  I've found ear protection like that (here) but the only "around the neck" headphones I've seen are on-ear or in-ear crap.  

Is that a "around the ear" AND "around the neck" a thing? Any thoughts?  (other then "you're getting old so just get used to it")

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