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Atlas Sagio Server Hard Drive Help

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I bought a music server for my Holo May DAC. HDPlex on the way and I wish to start with an OS using the Intel Optane SSD HD. Storage too will be installed on the motherboard which is a Asus Strix H470i Gaming.


The backside has the SSD, a 250GB 970 Evo plus as shown in pic. The top side is the problem I think. Due to its fanless design, there's a heatsink in the path of having an additional drive. That heatsink can't be moved. One option I have is that I could put the Optane HD on the backside but, it's bloody difficult to find a ~250GB Optane drive in that format. I think I can install a PCIe Optane drive (Intel 900 sieres) to a header on the blocked PCIe slot but I wish to use my SOtM USB card there. Not sure if I can, or even if it's a good idea to chain hard drives and USB cards on that single bus.


I know I'm missing an obvious solution here. Can someone point it out?0330211620_HDR.thumb.jpg.826bf25f912d11d7abd2c6b3d6e8bbfb.jpg




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