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Best connections for M1 Mac mini into my system.

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I stream Tidal with  Audirvana through Ultra Rendu and Matrix to PSAudio DAC via i2s. I would like to insert a M1 Mac Mini into my system. I would appreciate suggestions for creative ways to use the Mac. If you can help, from the image,  use the first letter of the component plus the number. For example, M4 would start a cable from the Mac HDMI to L4, the LG HDMI 3. I'm sorry if this is too cumbersome. I'm open suggestions. I assume all the Ethernet cables will go to the unmanaged switch. I'm not sure about the usb connections. I tried to create a drawing with nodes that would allow cables to be moved but I couldn't make it work. 


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IMG_0233.thumb.jpeg.36d22d820ea57fac1131a58da7ed2bd2.jpegI've added to the drawing. Should I route the Mac mini 5&6, the type A usb to the 205 and the LG or should one go to the DS218? I don't think I can route the usb4 anywhere. All suggestions appreciated.


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