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Farad Super3 Listening Impression

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Just put my order in for the Afterdark 75ohm Emperor Double Crown OCXO clock.  I'll keep an eye out for the 6.3v Super Fared 3. I'm thinking I need to get one.


Adrian,  would a Super Fared 3 be a noticeable improvement over the Afterdark LPSU powering your clocks or is it overkill for this purpose? 





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21 minutes ago, AfterDark. said:


Hi Iving, 


Thank for your information.


1. We shall make it 6.0V, as per Mattijs from Farad. This will provide the best performance with the Super Capacitor.


2. The USB is quite easily to remove as module. The voltage will remain the same as 6V.


3. We are designing the final version for modifcation, we keens to adds Ultimate RUBY Mica Triplets ˜3 units and Duelund Silver Foil JDM Audio bypass capacitor to fine tune the sounding on Mutec MC-3+USB. AfterDark. AudiophileMAT Carbon Fiber board will add inside the chassis for EMI protection, we make sure it looks good Ïnside". EMI Absorber material from KEMET etc. So it will be real upgrades for audiophiles. 



Duelund JDM Silver Foil Audio Capacior for power section 



Triple Ruby MICA Caps


4. We can source some new unit from Mutec in Germany 


5. The warranty willl void after the mod.


Best Regards,



Will it be possible to order this as a "kit" from you Adrian?  I'm loathe to be without my MC3+USB for any period of time is all.

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18 minutes ago, AfterDark. said:


Hi Mjw21a,


The "Kit set" can be prepared too, if you have solder station at home. We can supply all the materials, carbon fiber connections plate, GX16 DC sockets, Duelund silver wires, Audio Note solder + Farad Super 3 LPS Special Edition for DIYers. We just measured the BOX of Farad, it will fit all the items inside the original box. This kit set would be handy for DIYers to enjoy the upgrade process. 


So, we can use the Mutec without leaving it. 


There is some guideline written by SwissBear to de-assembly the Mutec MC-3+USB. 




Best Regards,




I'll  buy the ready made Super Fared 3 from you thanks Adrian. It's more backplates etc for the Mutec MC-3+USB so I can do that myself. I can't live without my Mutec.  ;)

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32 minutes ago, GryphonGuy said:


So you mean Mutec will not honour its warranty on modded units. That is fully understandable. What about afterdark showing confidence in theiir workmanship and offering a warranty on the entire modded Mutec?




I would imagine they'd warrant their own work, but it wouldn't cover the overall unit. It's a risk you take in the name of improved sound quality.

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  • 2 weeks later...

@AfterDark.I believe you've tried the Farad Super3 with your OCXO clocks as well. How did it improve performance vs the Afterdark LPS which I have? I'm wondering whether I should upgrade the LPS on my clock. What sonic effects did you find?


I've been reading an interesting thread over on What's Best Forum: Reality is Cruel which seems to indicate that the power supply quality directly improves clock performance and am wondering whether you would be able to advise me of the  phase noise performance for the Emperor Double Crown phase noise measurements at 10Hz and 1Hz with a Super3 in place. I'm assuming that the measurements on your site were taken with the Afterdark Black Modernize LPS in place.


Thanks again Adrian  :)

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1 hour ago, Cazzesman said:

So I guess the next question is.....


Can you supply a Farad Super3 with dual outputs.    1 for the 6v into the modded mutec and 1 for whatever Voltage is needed to power the OCXO? 


Does it ever end Mjw21a? :-)


Regards Cazzesman

I'd like to think so. I was considering a balanced isolation transformer, though am now considering the Fared Super3 and a Curious cables Evolved.... 

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If only I knew which would give the biggest performance benefit for the money. It will be one upgrade or the other.  Not both.


The balanced isolation transformer might have more impact cleaning up the AC for the clock, Mutec, DAC and 2x amps.... Or it might make no difference at all. Difficult decision.

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3 minutes ago, R1200CL said:

Don’t you think the isolation property of the Uptone LPS-1.2 is a good option for the clock ?

Lover price as well. 

Sure,  but a balanced isolation transformer will work with more components is my point. Whether it actually makes a difference though is anyones guess.

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