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Farad Super3 Listening Impression

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On 5/29/2021 at 3:36 AM, AfterDark. said:

special edition for Mutec MC3+USB tuned to 6.3V DC for best sounding

modification of Mutec MC3+USB can be send back to us for upgrade to power with Farad Super Farad 3 LPS

group buy which included the modification + Farad LPS, so the upgrade can combine shipment for audiophilestyle's members


6 hours ago, mitch751 said:

hate to send for modification

is that easy to do by myself with instruction

can we swap the Mutec i.e. I pay the combo and send mine to you once I received


1 hour ago, AfterDark. said:

We shall prepare a maunal guide with step by step modification for Mutec MC-3+USB

new back plate for Mutec MC3-3+USB, to install an additional  GX16-2pin DC port with Carbon Fiber board. This design can cover the IEC open hole, so it will be looks really nice afterwards.


1. 6.3V reported OK by some e.g. @mourip; however, some users who have modded their MC3+ USB caution V overload - suggesting (on good authority from Mutec?) 6.3V is at or over "fry" threshold e.g.:




2. Some users report the SMPS/LPS mod is even better with the USB board removed. Can you do this as a variation? Seems unclear whether V is then 5V.


For existing Mutec MC-3+ USB owners


3. Any indication of price for AfterDark mod [with nice backplate] please? Is it contingent on simultaneous purchase of special edition Farad 3 PS? Buyer pays outbound shipping of Mutec  - then AfterDark ships Farad+ modded Mutec back in same box? This could amount to a few weeks for outbound and return shipping alone.


4. The swap idea is confounded with a "New for Old" problem presumably.


For buyers willing to buy a new Mutec MC-3+ USB


5. Mutec warranty affected by AfterDark mod?



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10 minutes ago, AfterDark. said:


Hi Iving, 


Thank for your information.


1. We shall make it 6.0V, as per Mattijs from Farad. This will provide the best performance with the Super Capacitor.


2. The USB is quite easily to remove as module. The voltage will remain the same as 6V.


3. We are designing the final version for modifcation, we keens to adds Ultimate RUBY Mica Triplets ˜3 units and Duelund Silver Foil JDM Audio bypass capacitor to fine tune the sounding on Mutec MC-3+USB. AfterDark. AudiophileMAT Carbon Fiber board will add inside the chassis for EMI protection, we make sure it looks good Ïnside". EMI Absorber material from KEMET etc. So it will be real upgrades for audiophiles. 



Duelund JDM Silver Foil Audio Capacior for power section 



Triple Ruby MICA Caps


4. We can source some new unit from Mutec in Germany 


5. The warranty willl void after the mod.


Best Regards,




Thank you for these specific answers. I'm interested as a customer. As an option, are you still thinking of modding existing units. We send you our Mutec MC-3+ USB. You mod and send back with a new Farad PS? Cost of mod (and Farad) done this way? Thanks

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52 minutes ago, AfterDark. said:


Hi! Iving, 


The exisiting unit can be send back to us, after the modification, we can ship with the new Farad PS in same shippment. We are sourcing more Ultra RUBY MICA from Japan, very limited supply from Yazaki san.  This MICA capacitors are very good tweak for sound tuning. This can apply to DC power, power amplifiers into the binding poles.   


The Ultra RUBY MICA background information: 



We have choice of Single unit, Double and Triplets






Well - my decision about AD mod vs. DIY mod. is pending. Partly dependent on prices.


I presume you have already demonstrated the advantage of the MICA capacitors for DC. Do you use them elsewhere in your product range.


Have you tried them on power amp binding posts (per your link)? What is your verdict.


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