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Hi... Here's the problem and I know many out there probably had/have the same issue with connecting external drives to the A.P. Extreme-N and AP Express. The skipping. The complete drop-out.


Here's the question, and I'm sorry if it's been asked before, but if you ended up reconnecting those drives back to your main system and shared it off of there, did the streaming work better?


I'm going to be in the process of completely revamping my current set-up because of this. I get skips anywhere from 2 seconds to entire songs to a complete drop-out and never reconnecting, but if you go to the main 'head' and make the computer speakers play again, it works fine but not streaming to the AP Express-N. I've tried turning off IP6, changing channels, standing on my head, etc.. Nothing works. I ALWAYS get the skips, drops and shimmy shimmies.


Anyone have any ideas on this, or have a fix?


Just seeing the Apple logo makes me bleed money

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