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Adding a MacMini to my system

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I know this has already been discussed but I'm going to try a different approach. I have a M1 MacMini I want to include in my audio/video system which includes: Oppo UDP-205,  Audirvana and Tidal through Ultra Rendu and Matrix X-SPDIF usb to PSAudio DAC via i2s.  JRiver MC 27 Master License. Synology S218 NAS and Synology RT2600ac router. LG Smart TV with Apple TV. Smart TV optical to Oppo 205.

I use Y connectors from PS Audio DAC and the Oppo DAC FL and FR through passive switch boxes so I can switch between stereo music from PSAudio or front L&R from Oppo through the same Musical Fidelity amp for the  Magnepan 3.1 front speakers.  Other amps feed the rest of the  Magnepan surround speakers.


I assume I would connect the HDMI of the Mac to the smart TV and the network cable to the router. I'm a beginner with JRiver. I welcome suggestions of how to get the most out of the MacMini.

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