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I just found out about this company that offers low cost, turn-key solutions around LMS (Logitech Media Server):

- a small low power "server" hosting LMS https://polyvection.com/en/product/core32/

- a streamer/DAC acting as a LMS endpoint (squeeze) https://polyvection.com/en/product/dac32/


What I find particularly interesting is that the streamer uses an ESP32 card. It is not Linux-based, which presents, in my point of view, the advantage of being more stable and avoiding the complexities of ALSA audio (a black box, very few understand what it actually does!). It is based on Philippe44's port of Squeezelite for the ESP32 platform: https://github.com/sle118/squeezelite-esp32


I contacted the company to ask about their future plans and they will be offering a streamer with digital outputs later this year. 


There is a lot of talk on the LMS forums about all these projects. Thought I would give people here a heads-up.



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