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Polyvection LMS solutions

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I just found out about this company that offers low cost, turn-key solutions around LMS (Logitech Media Server):

- a small low power "server" hosting LMS https://polyvection.com/en/product/core32/

- a streamer/DAC acting as a LMS endpoint (squeeze) https://polyvection.com/en/product/dac32/


What I find particularly interesting is that the streamer uses an ESP32 card. It is not Linux-based, which presents, in my point of view, the advantage of being more stable and avoiding the complexities of ALSA audio (a black box, very few understand what it actually does!). It is based on Philippe44's port of Squeezelite for the ESP32 platform: https://github.com/sle118/squeezelite-esp32


I contacted the company to ask about their future plans and they will be offering a streamer with digital outputs later this year. 


There is a lot of talk on the LMS forums about all these projects. Thought I would give people here a heads-up.



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I received the two products - CORE32 and DAC32.


The CORE32 is an LMS server. It is based on a RaspberryPi 3. They removed some connections (ex: one of the USB ports) and added a DC Jack plug. It only allows for a wired ethernet connection, which is fine for a server.  LMS is preconfigured with several plugins. The default user interface is "material skin", and several streaming service plugins are activated.


I have been using the CORE32 for a few days, playing music either from a 2TB USB SSD drive, or from my Qobuz account. Setting it up was very simple, and it has been working flawlessly, so far.


The initial price for the CORE32 was 125€, but it has been increased to 200€. It may seem a little expensive for what it is, but it is truly "plug and play" and this may appeal to those who do not want to bother assembling an SBC and installing the required software.


The DAC32 is also "plug and play". You can use your phone/tablet to setup its connection to your wireless network. It can then be used either as an LMS endpoint (runs squeezelite), or as a Bluetooth or Airplay player. I tested it with LMS and playing music from my phone through bluetooth. It works well. The sound quality is good (though I have not tried it on my main system yet). I look forward to their digital streamer.



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1 hour ago, szczemirek said:

200 EUR for Raspberry 3!!! 


I mentioned that it may seem a little pricey but we are not talking about usual hi-fi prices/premiums here - it remains "low cost". The price is justified, in my opinion, by the fact that you get a real plug and play solution. Moreover, the software is a customized version of LMS. Each new release (both the server and plug-ins) is tested by Polyvection and the updates are then automatically rolled out. 


You can also see that 65€ for the DAC32 is a very reasonable price. I did play it in my main system and I can assure you it is not a "gadget". It obviously does not compete with my main DAC but I'll be happy to use it in another room with a pair of active speakers. 


I am looking forward to their next product, which they confirmed is in progress: the DIGI32. They told me: "This will be based on the same module as DAC32, but will feature a dedicated SPDIF chip for optimum performance. The plan is to include both TOSLINK and an electrically isolated electrical digital output via an RCA phono socket."  


I plan on testing the DIGI32 in my main rig as a source for my DAC. They are not giving a release date yet. 


So in conclusion, I think this company is offering interesting products with a real added value. 


I think these 3 products will provide a very affordable, robust, and easy to implement solution for a multi-room installation based on LMS (with additional direct Bluetooth and Airplay connectivity to the endpoints). 

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