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Synergistic Research SR Orange Fuse snake oil ?

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6 hours ago, skatbelt said:

Good luck with this thread ... 😉


I have never experimented with so-called audiophile fuses myself. Probably because of the same skepticism you seem to have. But I once thought this on the subject: one could - if he or she dares - quite easily test whether a standard fuse has a negative effect on SQ by temporarily bypassing it with a piece of high-quality copper wire of substantial AWG. Based on the principle: the best fuse is no fuse.


Lol. Years ago I mentioned trying this only to get pushback about it being dangerous. Just had to point out I was only suggesting what you are that is just a quick trial.

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3 hours ago, R1200CL said:

Exactly !

So potensial risk is minimal. 
Those that have courage, can temporarily exchange a fuse with a wire. This ought to give you a very good indication if $150 to $180 is worth the investment. Don’t do this as a permanent solution. 

I would probably used a long wire properly twisted around fuse connection points. Done wrong will worsen the outcome, as bad connection will create a resistance and then a heating effect. And in worst cause fire. 🔥 

Just like what could happen to wall sockets.


If possible, you can use the fuse itself as the tool to secure the shunt. Do not in any case leave your house during such a test, unless power off the DUT (Device Under Test). 

Alligator clips are used for this.

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On 4/10/2021 at 9:06 AM, R1200CL said:

I’ve not so much into YouTube sound comparisons, but this one has links below in text that makes you jump directly between fuses tested. 

Maybe it make sense for someone. I don’t think I’m able to hear differences on an iPad Pro. So open in YouTube. 

In the comment field, one guy believe in putting fuses in the freezer 🥶



I imported this into Audacity and chopped up and randomized the tracks for playback in Foobar with it's ABX comparison plugin. I would be willing to proctor some double blind listening sessions for anyone to see if preference tracks when you don't have the answer key available.




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2 minutes ago, MarkusBarkus said:

I love DIY Home Cryo. I've been testing on various gin and tonic combos all summer.


@plissken I would enjoy a system comparison at room T. and then the same rig set-up in a meat locker, if your butcher is a flexible guy. 


Hell, my butcher is offering to serve up a side of beef right in your house.

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4 hours ago, Jeremy Anderson said:

I'm hoping Gene takes up the dropped gauntlet... it would be EPIC.


I hope he would too and Ted can do it all blinded to what product is in use...


To anyone that listened to Ted's video: If you can't hear how shitty that room is, it's incredibly reverberant, you need to get your ears checked.

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12 hours ago, kennyb123 said:

They have an active room treatment system that can be powered off/on.  It wouldn’t do them much good to evaluate this stuff in a room that didn’t need help.  Plus I think it’s grasping for straws to pick on the room.  


Why not turn on the "active room treatment" when shooting the video. How is it grasping at straws to listen to that the video and immediately realize that room sounds like shit?


Joe and I picked up on it right away. How about all the other people here with super hearing?

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