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Synergistic Research SR Orange Fuse snake oil ?

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19 minutes ago, Apmusson said:

I added an SR Orange Fuse to the mains plug for my Stax 700s Energiser last Thursday.  I've never purchased an audiophile fuse over £25 before.  The immediate impact to the soundstage and placement of instruments was obvious.  It presented an almost holographic 3D image.  The overall impact was one that I wanted to keep.


Unfortunately, since my initial observation the sound has changed almost daily, initially losing bass and treble and soundstage (which has now returned to a certain extent - especially tonight). 


Based on others burn in experiences I am hopeful that things will return to something similar to my initial experience.  If that was to happen and be consistent I would consider the SR Orange to be one of the best value upgrades (price to positive impact) I have purchased.




For reference my system is


Innuos MK3 Mini & Innuos Linear PSU

Chord Mscaler & Sbooster PSU

Chord Hugo 2 (awaiting Paul Hynes SR4T PSU)

Stax 700s Energiser

Stax L700 Earspeakers


All power cables are good quality Kimber Cable based Russ Andrews.  Storm Wave BNC to Hugo 2, Toslink from Innuos to Mscaler.


Is there an explanation that the sound changes every day? it is confirmed in other bizarre.

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