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Synergistic Research SR Orange Fuse snake oil ?

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14 hours ago, R1200CL said:

Interesting suggestion. Not a MCB, but a local circuit breaker for that the equipment in use. So you short the original fuse and insert “something” in one end of the power cable that will protect the equipment.


This is missing the point of where audiophile fuse technology is heading.


A couple of highly regarded contributors to this forum have recently stated that their (ultra expensive) QSA fuse sounds much better than a fuse bypass. Which suggests that the fuse is filtering or conditioning the power supply in some way that is better than a direct connection. I have also demonstrated this to myself at a much lower level by replacing the fuse in a UK 13A mains plug with a solid copper rod of the same size.


To extend this concept,  we're not taking about finding a fuse alternative that does least damage, but now considering the possibility of inserting a fuse (or rather it's secret magic sauce) solely  to improve a circuit that doesn't need fuse protection.  If somebody here has not yet found out how expensive an "ultra expensive" QSA fuse can get then, well, prepare yourself for a shock...


There does remain the major issue of cost of replacement when the blown fuse costs more than some of your main components. My understanding is that QSA will replace for free in the first year. But after that, what? Much better if the magic sauce in such fuses gets transferred to non-fuse situations.

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3 hours ago, botrytis said:

DBT or sighted listening? Sighted is suspect because of 'EXPECTATION BIAS'.

Yes, I realize that this is an objective forum and I've had the Expectation Bias memo many times 😀, but the sad truth is that there simply isn't any objective data around to prove the wild claims. The audiophiles interested in fuse rolling are not interested, or do not have the skills, to provide truly objective information. So paltry subjective observations are all there is.


As it happens, one of those highly regarded contributors does do regular blind tests (not sure if single or double) to confirm his subjective observations

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