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Synergistic Research SR Orange Fuse snake oil ?

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This SR orange is said by several here at AS, that it’s making an improvement in SQ. 

To me this doesn’t sounds logical at all. Much in audio isn’t. But a fuse ? At $150 ? Crazy 😜 


It must be possible to measure and  document what’s making such a device changing the output of a power supply. Either it’s Paul Hynes SR4T or the Farad. 

Can someone come up with some evidence or suggestions why a fuse should change sound ?

If it can’t be documented somehow, should we assume audiophile fuses is just snake oil ?

Can the small resistance make a difference between hot and neutral, and cause an issue in the transformers. If so, just add dual fuses ?


Does a fuse radiate noise ?




How Does a Fuse Work?

A fuse is a simple and highly effective way to protect a device from dangerous levels of current:

  1. Current flowing through a conductor’s nonzero resistance leads to power dissipation.
  2. Power is dissipated in the form of heat.
  3. Heat raises the temperature of the conductor.
  4. If the combination of current amplitude and duration is sufficient to raise the temperature above the fuse’s melting point, the fuse becomes an open circuit and current flow ceases.




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1 hour ago, ASRMichael said:

Fuses are the deep dive of everything matters! 

This must be easy to document. So why isn’t Synergistic Research revealing some documentation ?


I bet, there is a reasonable priced alternatives out there. 
It’s just about selecting based on right parameters.


Could be like those manufacturers that do this, their equipment won’t change with a SR orange ?



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5 hours ago, Tokyokyoto said:

I’d check the size;rating fuse in the JS-2 and try one in there too.  Wouldn’t you know it...I popped open the fuse holder and out comes an Audio Magic beeswax fuse.

Well, that fuse isn’t cheap either. But it’s nice to know Uptone is using good quality fuses. 
@Superdad maybe you know what parameters to look for in selection of a fuse ? 

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3 hours ago, plissken said:


Lol. Years ago I mentioned trying this only to get pushback about it being dangerous. Just had to point out I was only suggesting what you are that is just a quick trial.

Well is it actually dangerous ?

I would say no. It’s not. But possible expensive 😀


Your circuit breaker will cover up for the dangerous issues. 

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6 hours ago, plissken said:

I think it's dangerous for the equipment as it's over current protection is gone.

Exactly !

So potensial risk is minimal. 
Those that have courage, can temporarily exchange a fuse with a wire. This ought to give you a very good indication if $150 to $180 is worth the investment. Don’t do this as a permanent solution. 

I would probably used a long wire properly twisted around fuse connection points. Done wrong will worsen the outcome, as bad connection will create a resistance and then a heating effect. And in worst cause fire. 🔥 

Just like what could happen to wall sockets.


If possible, you can use the fuse itself as the tool to secure the shunt. Do not in any case leave your house during such a test, unless power off the DUT (Device Under Test). 

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3 hours ago, Apmusson said:

The immediate impact to the soundstage and placement of instruments was obvious.

As many others has indicated. 

So let’s reframe the question a bit. Maybe most manufacturers is making “bad” fuses, that somehow has a bad impact on any power supply ? What causes this distortion ?


It shouldn’t be to hard to measure these things. Or know what data to look for. 

There must be someone here at AS that’s capable of revealing the “secret” ?

In UK they have the fuse in the wall socket. Will shorten the fuse, and move the fuse out to the socket help ? I don’t know. Logic says no. 

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Is this marketing BS or ?

Have they really put circuits inside a fuse ? Power conditioning in a fuse 🤣


How do fuses alter the sound of your system?


Standard fuses are very simple designs consisting of a pair of endcaps and a wire soldered in between.  Alan Maher Designs turns the standard fuse into a true, non-limiting power conditioner.  Our Harmony Fuse alters the sound of your component by using a combination of the Third Law of Thermodynamics and Ionization.  Our design attaches a negative ionic charge to the positive ionic energy field passing through the Fuse.  By regulating the temperature of the ionic field, we are able to produce a one-for-one ionic cancellation.  In electrical design, harmonics, radio frequency, and static noise are all combinations of a positive ionization field associated with electromagnetic radiation.  By cancelling the field, we can significantly lower EMR’s effect on the internal circuitry of your component.


Out-of-the-box our Harmony Fuse will require 60-80 hours for a complete break-in.  When CEF is applied to a circuit, all parts throughout the internal circuity will be conditioned to our noise specifications.  No other product can deliver this level of power conditioning.


(CEF: Conductive Energy Field)    ...whatever that means. 



And here is a $250 fuse



If you want the ultimate snake oil product from this man, read the description here.



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I’ve not so much into YouTube sound comparisons, but this one has links below in text that makes you jump directly between fuses tested. 

Maybe it make sense for someone. I don’t think I’m able to hear differences on an iPad Pro. So open in YouTube. 

In the comment field, one guy believe in putting fuses in the freezer 🥶


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On 12/24/2021 at 2:53 AM, bfin3 said:

I've had two of these fuses. The first blew as soon as soon as I put it in my amp. The second one lasted about 9 days.

This raises an interesting question. If your dealer (like Sonore that sells these fuses), advice you what fuse to choose and it blew, will you get a replacement?


5 hours ago, skyline said:

But whether you like their sound long term is the question after the novelty wears off

Interesting pow. Never taught that was an issue as well.
So one need a maintenance program as well 😀

Intervals? 3 year?


And never purchase a used one…..

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13 minutes ago, davide256 said:

hell you could probably do better with a programmable

active fuse with reset button.

Interesting suggestion. Not a MCB, but a local circuit breaker for that the equipment in use. So you short the original fuse and insert “something” in one end of the power cable that will protect the equipment. Either wall socket or equipment end. Or cable it self. 

Wonder if there exist something available ? 

The solution could be implemented in future products. Will it happen ? I assume some approvals is needed as well. 

Price wise it ought to be able to compete.



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