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Qobuz rev 5.8.0-b020 complete failure on Windows 10

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Since the last upgrade for the past month neither the app or web player works. I've had many emails with Qobuz answering questions and supplying screen shots. I have 5,000 favorites and I can no longer play them, the app goes to a white screen and the web player takes about 10 mins to load and then can play no more than 10-15 seconds at a time, the iphone app seems to play just fine. Happens on multiple i7 machines and I have 200mb internet speeds - Tidal runs smooth. It appears this new rev cannot handle the number of favorites. I can go in and play individual tracks accessing them thru releases or artist under favorites but trying to do this under favorites>tracks always fails. I've asked to role back to the last rev while they work this out but they say no. Qobuz says they are working on it and they are "not like the big guys". Jeez I thought they were they seem to be the second largest and have better audio than Tidal. Its great that they have added a dark mode, etc. but if it can no longer play my favorites (in shuffle or not) I'm done. I'm cancelling my subscription at the end of the month and hope they push an update that addresses this problem. Would be great if Qobuz would notify me and let me know when the next rev comes out so I can test it. I continue to ask them if I come back will my favorites still be there or do I have to start all over again - they never answer that question. I have bragged about the sound quality to others and have had several friends join on my recommendation. 

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