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Are SDI (serial data interface) cables suitable for reclocker to Ether Regen?

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14 hours ago, greg788 said:

Would this work acceptably between a reclocker and the etheregen?




I'm having a real hard time finding an SPDIF cable bnc to bnc with fast delivery ...



Clearly you mean this as a question for a cable to go from an external 10MHz reference clock to the clock input of an EtherREGEN.


The cable you linked to is pretty good, through despite being 75-Ohm wire the BlueJeansCable.com site shows it with 50-Ohm BNC connectors.


Here is a cable will even better Belden coax, though it is a bit stiffer: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XSJC426/


But selection of clock cable is highly dependent upon if you will be using a square wave or sine wave clock.  We are about to publish guidance on this (with the next day) so be on the lookout for that (will be a new, clearly titled thread here in our forum).


--Alex C.

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