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USBridge Sig - Volumio wifi setup

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I am using a Netis WF2190 for wifi connection with USBridge Sig. I was sucessful in setting up MoOde, but Volumio has proved a challenge. On first boot I see a hotspot "volumio" created, which I accessed thru an iPad. In a browser I find volumio.local and I go through first setup. On step 5 "configure network" I choose my wifi network and enter the password. It sucessfully connects to my network and everything works fine. However, if I shut off and reboot I can no longer access volumio through my network. I used Fing and it shows an address for volumio but going to it doesn't work. If I hook it up via ethernet I can regain access. Since MoOde works flawlessly I assume it is not a hardware issue. Any suggestions?

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