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Article: Audiophile Style Podcast: Episode 11 | Linn Interview

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It would have been interesting to cover their history with Naim.  Linn & Naim used to be a matched made in heaven before parting ways.


Also, I do not agree that Linn was the pioneer in high end streamer.  They may have been the first to charge high end price for a streamer.  But as far as I am concerned, Slim Devices invented the network audio client/server genre with their squeezeboxes.  Sean Adams was the genius who made a user friendly system for streaming audio over the ethernet viable.


Many audiophiles saw the potential and hot rodded the squeezeboxes.  And subsequently convinced Sean Adams to come up with a audiophile grade streamer called the Transporter.  As I recall it was priced at $1,999, which was audiophile pricing but not quite Linn pricing.


Linn's Klimax DS came a couple years after the Transporter.  I remember bringing my Transporter to a Linn dealer to compare with the Klimax DS, my friend and I could not convince ourselves that the Klimax DS was 20X better, or if it was even better.


Anyway, to me Linn's forte is still their venerable LP12, may be I am old school.  For digital my go to marque is dCS.

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I am very glad I bought the venerable Sneaky DS more than 10 years ago. It still serves me well as a streamer, and once served me as a small streamer/amp integrated. It continues to be supported and upgraded by Linn. Not many companies display this kind of commitment to their legacy products.


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Listening now...


I worked at a very popular coffee shop when I was in undergrad. The big draw wasn't only the great coffee, but we had a fully manual espresso machine. Customers would request certain Baristas to make their drinks.

No electron left behind...

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1 hour ago, Iving said:

fully wireless


too late to edit ... I meant to say working towards fully *wired* in our home! [i.e. = *no* wi-fi]


Still getting my head around DSP and its capacity for tuning everything all along the way to our ears. I just don't imagine our domestic environment will evolve to include distributed music. I'm getting too old to concentrate on music and whatever else I'm doing at the same time. I keep saying I'm old. I'm not even 59 yet.


Yeah - I don't have teenagers at home. Makes all the difference. What was it one of the Linn guys said? Their children threatened him ... iOS [not Android] - or I'm leaving home.

My digital system is wired ethernet (RedNet/Dante) but strictly offline. I don't download or stream music from the internet.

System here

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