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Opinions on GD R8 audio DAC

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Hello to all

I am thinking about the acquisition of a new DAC to connect to a muisk server in I2S link and I would like to have your feedback on the AUDIO GD R2R DAC
the one I'm looking for is the GD R8 audio upgraded to R2R

Thank you for your feedback



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Hi cpasmoi,


Bit late but better something than nothing.


I have a 2021 AudioGD R27 that has the R8 dac modules and I have no complaints what so ever.


The usb isolation on the 2021 models is fantastic - Ive been able to do away with all of my usb filters/conditioners and now have the R27 plugged directly into a SOTM SMS200.


This is my first audio GD product and second r2r dac so I dont have a great deal to compare it with.



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