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AfterDark. Constellation Network Cable Special Edition for UpTone EtherREGEN

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3 minutes ago, Iving said:

What will it replace? Against what might you be able to compare it?

For now it replace the linear solution LAN cable.

I have now in my house overhere:

- Audioquest Vodka.

- Supra cat8 Diy (screen connected on only one side)W

- SOTM Cat 7 special edition black cable.

- Linear solution 


Before that i had the audioquest cinnamon, forrest cat 700 and the carbon Cat 700 and almost everything qua LAN from SOTM. Etc.

the Carbon cat 700 is replaced by the supra cat8 Diy.


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6 hours ago, AfterDark. said:


Hi! EMS,


For the DC cable, the AfterDark. logo is direction towards the connecting device. For example, AfterDark to Giesemann Clock DC port. 


Please let the cable to burn in around 7 days for optimial performance. 


Thanks and have a nice day.


Best Regards,




Hi Adrian,

wouldn't it be a better idea from now on to indicate the direction on your cables with arrows?

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