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Parts Quality can and does make a difference

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Absolutely!  I was the proud owner of a Marantz 7c back in the day (along iwth an 8b), and I loved every note I ever heard from it.  But after several years of frequent daily use, it needed a little R&R.  I can't remember the name of the place, but there was a little shop in Manhattan back in the '70s that specialized in a full tilt boogie rebuild of the 7.  They used the best available parts and made a few tweaks to the circuitry, with rave reviews from the usual suspects in the hi end audio press (which was a fledgling indussry back then).


One day, I awoke and knew it was time.  We finished breakfast and drove directly to the shop (about a 90 minute trip).  PArking was more than scarce, so she stayed in the car at the curb while I ran in to hear their work first hand.  I figured I'd drop mine off if I thought it was worth the cost (which was, for the day, exorbitant).  It sounded great, I had ours done, and we all lived happily ever after.

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