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Networking system power protection



I have the following gear, feeding my audio systems via wi-fi.

  • TP-Link Archer C9 Router
  • QNAP TS-451+ NAS
  • CyberPower CP685AVR UPS 
  • Furman PST-8 power conditioner

A VOIP telephone box is connected between the modem and the router.

The NAS is connected via USB to the UPS, which automatically turns the NAS off in a power outage (currently set for 15 minutes). 


UPS features:

  • Capacity: 685 VA / 390 W
  • Output: 120 VAC ± 5%
  • Outlets: 8 (4 surge, 4 surge + battery backup)
  • Data line protection: Telephone, Ethernet, Coaxial


The PST-8 has more sophisticated power conditioning features:

  • SMP provides the highest level of protection available
  • LiFT significantly reduces AC line noise
  • E.V.S. protects equipment from dangerous overvoltage conditions
  • Zero ground contamination circuitry assures the delivery of pure AC power thus protecting critical audio/video components
  • Outlet Descriptions: 4 digital-ultrasonic noise filtered outlets, 4 linearly filtered outlets

The coax cable connection feeding the modem, and the telephone line, are both routed through the Furman.


How would you advise to connect this system?

1. Daisy Chain:

- Furman plugged into the wall. UPS plugged into the Furman. Modem, VOIP box, router and NAS plugged into the battery backup outlets on the UPS.

2. Shut-down protection for the NAS

- Furman plugged into the wall. Modem, VOIP box, router and UPS plugged into the Furman. NAS plugged into the UPS.

3. Parallel operation

- Furman plugged into the wall, everything plugged into the Furman except the NAS. 

- UPS plugged into the wall, feeding the NAS only


My main goal is to protect the NAS from power outages. My secondary goal is to maximize sound quality in my audio systems. Which system would you recommend from the above, or maybe there's a better solution? 



“To doubt everything or to believe everything are two equally convenient solutions; both dispense with the necessity for reflection.” 
Bertrand Russell 

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