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Up for sale my beloved Acoustic Zen Adagio - full-range floorstanding speakers.

Downsizing my stereo equipment. Please see my other listings.


The Adagios are perfect for any listening room, providing a full-range, fast musical experience full of detail, clarity and accurate timbre reproduction.

They performed spectacular in both big and small room: in my 21'x34' living room and in my dedicated 12'x18' room. They create a spacious musical bubble, so you can enjoy a lifelike sound even in an adjoining room.


Due to front transmission line port and a dead silent cabinets' design you can put them close to the wall with no harm to sound quality, in general, or bass reproduction, in particular. 


They are very fast, have good focused sound with a pretty large sweet spot, detailed but without any fatigue during long listening sessions. With them you're able to enjoy all genres of music: from single instrument (voice) to big band / orchestra, classical, electronic, pop, rock / metal.


I have owners manual, brochures, instruction for the outrigges installation.

I have the original bags and boxes with foaming for shipping. ONE BOX is 55"*15"*20" and about 85lb. Plus the outrigges are in a separate box.


I would like to sell them locally, then I would help with their assembly and installation.

I'm in Syracuse NY. Willing to drive up to 150 miles.







-Type: Two-way transmission line

-Woofer: 2 pieces 6½” composed of doped ceramic coated fabric cone, 2 ½” under-hung (short voice coil /long magnetic gap) voice coil linear motor system, shielded 7oz Neodymium magnet.

-Tweeter: 1 5/8” Round Ribbon, shielded 3.5 oz high flux energy and high temperature resistant magnet structure.

-Nominal Impedance: 6 ohm

-Sensitivity: 89 dB / 1w / 1 meter

-Crossover: 3kHz 18dB/Octave Linkwitz Riley Crossovers

-Frequency Response: 30Hz -25 kHz ± 3dB

-Power Handling: 50 - 200W

-Weight: 78 lbs each

-Dimensions:48” (H)x 9”(W)x 13”(D)





After years of research and development, Acoustic Zen has developed the world's lowest distortion and most musically coherent loudspeakers! Through innovative design, superior component and cabling selection, solid construction and careful, precise hand assembly, the Acoustic Zen Adagio loudspeakers deliver music without compromise.


The Adagio floorstanding loudspeaker is a two-way transmission-line system featuring a 1.5 inch circular ribbon tweeter and dual 6.5 inch midrange/woofer "underhung" voice coil, ceramic-coated drivers. The three drivers are configured in a time and phase aligned D'Appolito MTM arrangement providing lifelike imaging over a large sweet spot range.


The Adagio features superior cabinet construction and aesthetic contours that actually reduce cabinet diffractions.

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