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Audiophile optimizer produces cpu whining


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i am very happy with the sound from AO. It’s running on a one box solution with win server 2019 on a Asus Pro WS C246 ACE with a XenonE 2276G.
this setup exists two times at a friends home. On both mashines now the CPU starts whining. never before. We had win10 pro with fidelizer- no problem ever on the same hardware. Any idea.  
There is a video attached with the sound....

thanks for helping.


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I doubt it is the CPU, but instead the VRM PSUs around the CPU which are essentially a high current low voltage switching regulators. The switching frequency makes slight vibration in the coils and that causes the sound. Not at all unusual with switching regulators/SMPS. I have couple of Intel NUCs that make similar sound too.


Likely software changes changed the CPU power consumption (voltage/current) and that caused the whining to become louder or more audible.


There's a PMIC/PMU on the motherboard with it's own firmware that manages this, power up sequence and such.


Signalyst - Developer of HQPlayer

Pulse & Fidelity - Software Defined Amplifiers

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