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On 3/7/2021 at 3:19 PM, ASRMichael said:

I’ve finally got the speakers into a position where the sound stage is 3 feet behind the speakers. I’ve also got a solid centre image whilst retaining wide & depth (3 feet) Pulling the speakers a minimum 4 feet away from the front wall is the key for depth & how much toe-in for the wide, & centre image.

This is really key if one can swing it. Great summary!

I have a relatively largish dedicated room and was able to pull my standmounts around 4 feet from the front wall and 3 feet from side (knee) walls (the room also has virtually no parallel surfaces, either). Toe-in from LP is about where I can see the speakers' inside walls, and you're absolutely dead-on that soundstage depth really benefits from the ability to pull them forward as much as possible. The depth is astounding; width, too. Stereo imaging and separation when the recording calls for it can be startling. Room interaction has always been key to great sound, but many just aren't that fortunate and have to make due with what they have. Trial-and-error with speaker positioning in even less-than-ideal space can still reap huge rewards if one is inclined to put forth the effort.

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