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Covidproof Entertainment - the Dutch Experiment!

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The Dutch government is aiming at giving the people in the Netherlands covidproof entertainment. Eight experimental events are (some already have taken place) aimed at checking the possibilities of bringing back mass events in the times of pandemic - including among others a football match and a business conference..




and trial concerts..




2600 tickets for this weekend concert at Ziggo Dome were sold out in an hour and the first results of the experiments that have already taken place are promising..




Let's simply hope live music and other entertainment are coming back in a form of safe events!

I just can't wait and I guess it's not only me! :)


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Are Party X events now planned by the government as well ?


OK, not so funny. But maybe not everybody in the world knows about that "event".


More seriously:

Somehow this urges (it is implied) that vaccinated people are allowed on parties. The first rumors about hotels not allowing in not vaccinated people go round already. Not good.

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On 3/7/2021 at 2:29 AM, sphinxsix said:


We will see after the election ;) (Rutte and others should probably celebrate in one way or another, a party x seems a cool idea x-D)


Haven't party's been cancelled since the seizure of 23 tonnes of coke heading to Amsterdam? 

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