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Square acquiring a majority stake in Tidal

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Maybe now Tidal will stop dumping hiphop tracks into my playlists! 

EtherRegen powered by Sonore UltraCap LPS1.2 -> Optical Cable ->OpticalRendu powered by SGC 50w LPS -> Ghent silver plated ->star quad USB (JSSG360)->Denafrips Hermes DDC -> i2S HDMI (Clocked by Terminator Dac via BNC)->Denafrips Terminator II Dac->Linear Tube Audio Preamplifier->Melody 845M Monoblocks -> Silversmith Fidelium Speaker Cables->Pure Audio Project Trio15 Coaxial Open Baffle Speakers->2X SVS 4000 Subwoofers->All connected to PSAudio P10 Power Plant

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