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Subjective listening impressions of alternate power (solar, generator, battery)

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29 minutes ago, PeterSt said:

But ...

If 0.3% is per degree Celsius, then a delta of say 40 degrees, means well over 10%. Mind you, the 40 degrees would be from the heat/hotness the panel gets. Not the air temperature. So I'm afraid it can be even quite some more (like 60 or 70).


The rating can't be for air temperature (or ambient) because it would exclude the collecting of heat. Step in your car on a hot day and you know what I mean.

No the rating is for ambient temperature.  Yes, the panel gets quite a bit warmer than that, but in order for consumers to be able to use the rating they need it in the form of ambient temperature so they can compare for the temerature ranges of where they live. 

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