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opticalRendu Lite (Roon)

I purchased this recently from another member (see https://audiophilestyle.com/classifieds/item/925-opticalrendu-lite-roon) to try it against my

EtherREGEN/Bricasti M5.   I prefer SPDIF vs USB from my M5 to my Mojo Audio DAC and wanted to try another USB source.

For the money this performed very well relative to the much costlier pair, but at the end of the day I still prefer the M5 SPDIF connection so I'm going to pass on this.

What you see in the pictures is what you get; e.g. SFP only, no power supply and no manual.


I was able to get the unit to connect to my TPLink switch using the provided SFP, but I was unable to get it to connect using an SFP that matches what I use in my switch.

So no guarantees it will automagically connect to whatever you first connect it up to...


Shipping (from MA) and PayPal extra.







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