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Mbl 116F

Up for sale is a pair of Radialstrahler MBL 116F Floor Standing Speaker

A symbiosis of unique technology and lean, exceedingly elegant design. However, the mbl 116 Radialstrahler are not only a visual delight. Once you have seen enough, close your eyes and enjoy the realistic sound pattern emanating from the circular radiation. It will give you memorable musical experiences, removing the boundaries between live event and reproduction.

MBL 116F Elegance Radialstrahler Full Range Pulsar Loudspeaker

Technical Specification

System : 4 Way

Frequency Range : 32Hz to 33,000 Hz

Impedance : 4 Ohms

SPL 2.83v : 83dB / W / m

Linear Max : 106dB

Crossover Frequencies : 170 / 650 / 3500 Hz – Linkwitz-Riley – 4th Order

they are Mint Condition original owner purchased in 2019. Only reason I'm selling them to upgrade to 101s

 I have the crates and boxes and everything for them

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    17,000.00 USD
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