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FS: Stax SR-L700 (Mk I)

Up for sale are my Stax SR-L700 Mk I headphones. Most consider the Mk I to be a better headphone that the Mk II and I’d have to agree with that as well. I’m only sellling these because I now have the SR-009S and can only listen to one headphone at a time.

The headphones and pads are in great shape with no audio issues or cosmetic defects. The headphone have always been kept on a stand with the ear pads uncompressed and with a cover over the headphones to protect them when not in uses. The sell price is $850 and includes Shipping and PayPal fees. Please PM with any questions that you have.

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    850.00 USD
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2014 Mac Mini -> (LPS-1.2) EtherRegen->iBox-V1000 -> (LPS4) 20G -> May KTE -> KGGG -> SR-009S
Debut Carbon DC -> Freya -> Stealth 8
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