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SOtM Trifecta: 200neo ultra w/75ohm, txUSBultra, SP500

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SOtM Trifecta: 200neo ultra w/75ohm, txUSBultra, SP500



I am selling the SOtM trifecta. It consists of:

(1) external power supply (SPS 500) 
(2) network streamer with extra option of 75ohm master clock board (important if you wish to add the SOtM sCLK-OCX 10 master clock like the one that I am selling separately, please see separate advert) and (3) a txUSBultra which is a USB Hub and Regenerator. 

They are just over 3 years old and in excellent condition and were bought new from Elite Audio UK. 

All of them are latest model. 

The SMS 200ultra needs the txUSBulta to sound best. That is why I sell together. 

Price new is Euros 3,140 (£3,140). I am selling for Euros 2,000. I can send more photos or answer questions. They can be picked up from central London  (UK) or I can ship them.






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