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New home build, needing advice on distributed home audio?

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I am trying to decide on which system to go with for the in-ceiling speakers for our new home build.  We are at the framing stage, and have about six rooms where we'd like the ceiling speakers to reside, and where I know my significant other will not want to see speakers sitting on a shelf.  At the same time, I would prefer not to have separate ecosystems on the go for music listening, as this system ideally will be something that I'd incorporate with my music room for my hifi gear, and to a lesser degree the theatre room on another floor.


Volume control, we are happy with iPhones, or tablets in the other rooms.


There are a few options but I am unfamiliar which would give the best fidelity (in the music room in particular) as I'd like to simplify the setup as best I can for everyone in the house.  Looking at Sonos, BlueOS, or even Roon( if that could be done).  A balance of quality to price is ideal.  I have already setup a Roon server streaming Tidal, installed on a Linux machine to a Ropiee endpoint, so I do have some experience setting things up, and it is fine in my listening room, but I won't get past the approval comity if parts of this nice house begin to resemble the photos you see of an expensive vehicle with a wooden bumper. ha


Looking at mesh wifi to communicate, although could be an issue as the gym area and theatre room is beneath the garage surrounded by concrete.


Budgeting around $10k, and I am unsure if that's a reasonable expectation.



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