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Sean Jacobs DC3 power supply in da house

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2 hours ago, TheAttorney said:

Did you consider any component upgrades for the DC3?

Such as upgraded capacitors or even the DC4 regulators?

No I didn’t as I wasn’t exactly sure whether I’d find it an improvement or not, so I wanted to keep the initial outlay down. But I’ve been on the phone to Sean this afternoon discussing what to do next to replace my other power supplies....so I’ll get this one upgraded at the same time. 

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12 minutes ago, ASRMichael said:

Nice, congratulations


I similarly moved from MCRU LPS to DC3, actually now have 11 DC3 rails.


Will take a few months to get the very best SQ from the DC3! So more to come my friend! 

Brilliant that’s good to know! 👍

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