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Lumin X-1 - Free Shipping / Free Power Cord

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Lumin X-1 - Free Shipping / Free Power Cord

I am selling my Lumin X-1.  I have been a long time loyal Lumin owner.  I have owned the D-2, A-1 and still own the U-1 mini and the X-1.  I love the sound and ease of use of Lumin.  The App eliminates the need for JRiver or Roon.  It plays Tidal / Qobuz and the sound is great.  I have a Synology 4tb NAS attached to it and the App is just so easy to use.  The Lumin is silver and I have all of the original double boxed shipping cartons.  

I think it is the best Dac / Streamer under $15k.  The music sound quality is outstanding.  In my system, the vocals, transparency, separation of instruments all make music a glory to listen to.  

I will provide free shipping anywhere in the continental USA and will provide an upgraded Kimber Kable power cord to go along with the Lumin X-1.  There are no scratches on the X-1.  MSRP = $13,999.


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