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Integrating higher end 2 channel into existing AVR

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I have recently updated my home theatre system. The AVR that I chose is the Yamaha RXA2 Aventage which does boast a lot of the newest technology in terms of 4K and 8K video all of the latest audio and video formats at a modest price of $800 USD.  It has Sabre Ess DAC and a built in Phono stage and respectable streaming capability.  I use Tidal to stream a lot if my music.   All of the conveniences are great however for me I would like to also have a better  2 channel experience.  I have considered many options including starting over with a very decent integrated amplifier something along the lines of a Yamaha AS 1200 or 2200, MUSICAL FIDELITY M6SI INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER,DENON PMA-A110 110TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER(this one has  a Dac) or even going hyrbrid tube integrated like Prima luna or Rogue, Cambridge etc.


The reason I am curious is I have to share my home theater room and my 2 channel area and I thought that I could concentrate my budget on the best amplification and hopefully Preamplifier with a pair of speakers worthy of the same money spent.

My RXA2 reciever has one preout for the main channel and if connected to  a much higher quality integrated and/or component 2 channel system I would have the benefit of the streaming services and even the dac that comes with the Yamaha Without having to find a model that is another all-in-one unit. When using this 2 channel system I plan to mainly use it with my projects essentials 3 turntable with an Ortofon phone 2M blue cartridge.  It's not high end but it's mine and it's what I have to work with right now.  It's not high end but it's mine and it's what I have to work with right now. I know one benefit would be to have a better high end Photo stage so when choosing the integrated or component route that is going to be of great importance. One last thing that has occurred to me for example the Yamaha AS 1200 has the ability to attach 2 pairs of speakers and that opens up some interesting possibilities. My current home theatre system is very satisfactory it has a pair of paradigm Premier 700 f's for the left and rights and a 500 C centre channel a pair of elec debut 2.0 6.2 's for the surround a pair of old JBL studio monitors for the back channel and a pair of paradigm in ceiling speakers for my atmos channel. I'm very happy with it as it is for what it is. Now the possibility of having a 2 channel system integrated into the same taking advantage of the dac possibly the phono stage and the streaming capabilities of the Yamaha RXA2 I could potentially add 2 different pairs of 2 channel listening speakers to my system hooked up to The a and B outputs of the Yamaha AS 1200.  I find this very intriguing.  It would be a nice ability to do at AB comparison of different speakers that you rotate into the mix.  Or to have a pair of  Heresies or Cornwall's On one channel and maybe some tannoy bookshelves on another for a different experience just by turning a switch.


 As far as a budget goes I would like to allow up to $4000 for the integrated amplifier or a combination of an amplifier and peeamp and 3 to $4000 for a pair of speakers hopefully with higher sensitivity because I tend to be someone who likes to listen to my music loud.   Thoughts comments suggestions clarifications of my ignorance are all welcome and thank you for any input 

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