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windows server 2012R2 or 2016 or 2019 with Audiophile optimizer?

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need some advice on what os to use server [email protected] has the least amount of crap running and from what i gather that is the aim of the optimizing programs, server 2016 has twice as many services running compared to 2012R2 have not tried 2019 . my question is which one actually sounds the best i don't want or need any internet, peoples input in this would be greatly appreciated. I am running [email protected] and absolutely love it, but can it get better i just don't want to go through all the mucking around if it is going to make next to no difference.Thanks for your time look forward to your advice!



my system gigabyte g1 sniper 4790 cpu 16 gb ram with dac up usb port -> usb Audioquest usb cable -> minimax dac plus(dexa opamps) -> xindac interconects -> rotel rc1550 -> xindac interconects -> rotel rb1582Audioquest Rockefella -> . wharfedale jade 7's


one a side note the gigabyte amp up + dac up usb ports make a incredible difference to the sound

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hi mark,

i used a fully optimised server 2012r2 in core mode with c.a.d.skript,only few threads are running.then i  made a 10gb fira ram disk to load the 2012r2 os into ram.

3gb for os, the rest for loading and play music out of ram.  player was bughead.sq was great,i thought.

some years back i bought a jlsounds dac,with no dsd256  in windows, only dsd 128 DoP,but full linux support


so i tried linux Daphile. wow, what a sound! i never would go back to windows!


i use also a gibabyte z97 g1 sniper,top board!


Gigabyte-GA-Z97 Sniper with separate usb-dac out,5v usb-power disabeld in Bios. i3 4130T(35 W)@800mhz,16gb [email protected] @1.25v. Cpu+Ram powered by Pico-160w+Voltcraft Lab.PSU.

Cpu-Fan+Music Hdd with 2 separate  LPsu. JLsounds Dac-Kit: USB-I2S XMOS-board+ AK4490 DAC+DVR603 FB+2 JLS LPSU. Player: wtfplay and Daphile


Tubeamp: Lua 4040 C . LS: Chario Academy II. Conections/Filters: Reson DNM / Fisch Audio.

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I started with WS2012R2 and AO on core mode, then moved to WS2016 and AO in core mode (lots of problems setting up), and now I’m on WS2019 with AO using the Desktop Experience but with RoonServer shell (really easy to set up). WS2019 is the best sounding of the bunch to my ears. JCR

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Thanks for your reply what would you say is the big difference in sound from 2012R2 to 2019 I have installed 2016 and immediately noticed that there was double the process’s running compared to 2012R2 that kind of killed it for me as I thought that the less process’s running in the background was the holy grail, I have a laptop that I can use to test but just out of curiosity how many processes does it run and is that with internet ( I don’t use internet) on 2016R2  it runs 25 processes. 

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Well, I have 44 background processes running on WS2019 machine just now. But, it is running Roon, JRiver and HQPlayer Desktop, along with VNC Connect for remote access. I find WS2019 to have better sound than either of the prior versions and it’s been very easy to work with and update as required. JCR 

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From a trustworthy friend I heard, that 2019 is the best.


However, I wonder why you guys choose Windows in general over linux? (Honest question, not trying to troll here. I am in the early stages of planning a new system and just have lots of questions...)




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