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Amplifier & Speaker pairing

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Ok, So I'm fairly new to all the vintage audio stuff.


I grew up (or was a teenager in the 1980's) and love the hairbands and rock music of this era. IE, Van Halen, 38 special, Warrant, etc.... 

I like to listen to this type music loud. My wife says way to loud. Anyway I started off a few months ago buying a Marantz 2226B amplifier with a pair of JBL 4312 control monitor speakers. They sound great and I love the look of the vintage Marantz Amp. I soon learned the the Marantz was a nice Amplifier but rather lower end when it comes to wattage output and not the best for high volume 1980's rock. 


So I bought a very nice Pioneer SX-950 amplifier, and a pair of Pioneer Hmp-200 speakers. The Pioneer speakers sound awesome. I also love the Pioneer amplifier especially the fact that there are outputs for (3) sets of speakers. So I hooked up the JBL 4312's and the Pioneer Hmp 200's. The issue is that when driving them at really high volumes I get issues. Fist it sometimes clips out, sometimes I lose the complete left or right sets of speakers. Also the amp gets REALLY hot at high volume around vented back top grill cover. To hot to even touch. 

I guess my question is are my speakers adequate for super loud rock music, and do I need a bigger more powerful amplifier? If so any recommendations that don't cost a small fortune.


Amy help would be greatly appreciated.  

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I suspect the speakers are fine for your purposes but the Amp is probably not. At quick glance both speakers you list are rated at 6ohms. The Amp appears to have 4ohm capabilites but when all speakers are connected you are likely running each Amp channel into 3ohms or lower depending on how the Amp is wired internally.


I think you would need an Amp that is stable into 2ohm loads to do what you want at high volumes.


Bang for the buck wise I would look for an old school Adcom GFA 555II Amplifier. I use to own one and ran two pairs of speakers connected to its two channels of output without issues at very high volumes for hours on end. It never blinked but did get hot. They are built tough as nails.


Just my opinion

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I appreciate all the replies. It's been a great help. I've since ordered an Adcom GFA 555II power amp and an Adcom Pre-amp. I'm hoping this will solve my issue. If so, I plan to order another Adcom power amp for the second set of speakers.


I greatly appreciate everyone's knowledge and assistance.


I'll update here when new equipment arrives and I have it hooked up.   

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