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Lumin app crashes after updated to version 7.0.4 on 2021-01-21

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My Lumin app has been working flawlessly until I updated to version 7.0.4 on 2021-01-21, Firmware updates is set at 'Yes'
While music is playing or not, the app will disappear by itself randomly.
Several times per hour the app also disappear during tapping, but, the music continues to play.
I have performed the shut down of all devices on this network without any luck.
Using Ipad Pro 12.9 inch 256 GB solely for Lumin app to stream from Tidal and Synology NAS.
Lumin U1 firmware 13.4
Tried to access the crash log in settings without any luck.
Any suggestions please.

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I see exactly the same (mis)behaviour as the OP. Occasionally, the issues go away for a day or so and then return. I use the app  with a non-Lumin setup (Linn streamer and a Raspberrry Pi running Moode). Disabling iCloud and Siri support hasn't helped. I don't think it's a installation issue on my iPad because I've experienced the same issues with my iPhone when I tested the app there.


It is a bit strange what's going wrong, because I suppose there's  lot of happy Lumin App users out there who never see crashes.

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