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ACOUSTIC REVIVE Power Standard Triple C - FM, 3m (US)

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ACOUSTIC REVIVE Power Standard Triple C - FM, 3m (US)

SOLD: ACOUSTIC REVIVE Power Standard Triple C - FM, 3m


For sale one Acoustic Revive Power Standard Triple C - FM power cord.

3 meters of length, made by Acoustic Revive.

Excellent condition close to new, with very light traces of use.

Original packaging included.

Thank you for looking!!!



Price: 320.00$



Every product I discover from Acoustic Revive is remarkable and very musical.

This power cable is a very nice surprise.

It is closer to a Furutech S032N but it brings more transparency, resolution and air. On the same organic basis, trapped, warm, it is really bluffing by the fact that it lets discover many details not returned by many cables.

This high-end resolution allows you to hear a lot of information about guitar attacks, skins, percussion touches (for example) I hear information I've never heard before on recordings favourites. It follows that the positioning of the instruments, the game of the musicians is much more palpable and materialized.

The cable brings clarity in every sense of the word without additional fatigue. Superb success among the plethora of cable offered.



Brand name: Acoustic Revive

Model Number: POWER STANDARD-triple C-FM

Colour: black

New conductor of PC-Triple C high CP power cable

Adopted new conductor PC-Triple C, forged oxygen-free copper, and realized high resolution sound quality with less noise Power cable

[Specifications] Conductor: PC-Triple C, Insulation: PE (Polyethylene), Cushion material: Natural cotton, Shield: Copper foil, Tube: Carbon SF tube, inlet


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    Dr. Music
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    320.00 USD
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