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Opus 21

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2113258171_P1004315-Copy.thumb.jpg.153c726b2f972119d3b7778a62a1e4ea.jpgI'm selling my Opus 21. 


This has been stored for at least 7 years. I've planned on using it as a bedroom system but it never happened. Now I'm moving (again) and need to sell a lot of audio equipment. I'll start here.

Because it has been stored I can say it doesn't have much use. And it shows it. There are some very minor scratches but in general, I'll give it a 7 out of 10.


This has the Great Northern Sound Mods.


This is a demonstration video of my Opus 21. I mention in the video that I didn't know if this had the Great Northern sound modification. Turns out is does. There is a badge at the back of the unit that shows this. This is driving some pretty inefficient Usher Tower XL's with their 11" Eaton woofers.


The cat in the video is free. Damn cat. 



P1004303 - Copy.jpg

P1004305 - Copy.jpg

P1004309 - Copy.jpg

P1004310 - Copy.jpg

P1004315 - Copy.jpg


P1004318 - Copy.jpg


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