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Paul Hynes SR-7T dual rail power supply

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Paul Hynes SR-7T dual rail power supply

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I have on order and ready for delivery by end of February a fully upgraded dual rail sr-7T with options for 12v,9,v,7v,5v switch or 19v,15v,12,9v switch. This power supply is respected as the best audiophile power supply in the world.  Normal wait can be 6 months.


Just want to get money back. I paid 2210 pounds including shipping.  I would request the purchaser pay Paul Hynes exactly what I paid and Paul Hynes can refund me.

Please note that prices have gone up since I placed my order, so you are saving wait time and  money.


I have great feedback on headfi where I am under username rsbrsvp as well.


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Which master clock are you using with it now?

Where are you located?

I have a Stanford Research Systems Perfection 10 and need to know that they will be compatible!

Also, if you are leaving permanently it does scare me a bit:-)




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