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Better path - improve cabling or upgrade server behind network streamer?

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I am sure this has been discussed in many places but I can't find a specific thread.  In the next 6 to 12 months, I want to take some steps to upgrade my digital front end.   Options are to 1) upgrade USB and ethernet cabling or 2) upgrade my MacMini to something like a SonicTransporter I5.  


My understanding is that the chain after the EtherRegen is more important than the music server.  That leads me to think think that upgrading cabling will bring more value than replacing the MacMini.  On the other hand, with this MacMini, I can only upsample to DSD64 in HQP/Roon and it doesn't have a LPS.  A new server could allow me to increase the upsampling rate and eliminate a SMPS from the chain.  


Are there opinions on which upgrade path offers more benefit?  Thanks in advance for any comments and insights.  




P.S.  Current setup includes 2012 MacMini with i7 processor (no LPS), Ether Regen, UltraRendu, two Uptone LPS 1.2s (one for Rendu and one for EtherRegen), Supra ethernet cable from Regen to UltraRendu, Phasure Lush (version 1) USB cable from Rendu to Holo Audio Spring DAC.  Software is HQP/Roon

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