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Amarra Luxe with IRC in 2021

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I have tried to contact SonicStudio but cannot get the contact form to work on any of my computers.


I have a copy of Amarra Symphony with IRC that, except for the occasional glitch, works great on a dedicated 2009 Mac Mini with Mavericks and does wonders for the tonal balance and coherence of the rig.


I know it is an old machine, but the system works perfectly with both Amarra and Audirvana and so far I haven't had the need to change it.

The main reason for continuing to use Amarra is to have the ability to continue using my IRC license and my current DAC.


Now, since the fan has already started to make some noise and it will probably have to be replaced and a little in-depth maintenance is in order (thermal paste, etc), I had planned to use another MacMini from 2016, if possible with Mavericks and if not, with some More modern OS.


In any case, it would be a dedicated computer that does not handle sensitive data.


The question is...
If I update to Amarra Luxe, will it work with my existing licence of Dirac IRC?




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I've been an Amarra IRC user since early days.  The new, dedicated (Amarra Luxe use only) version Dirac Live 3 cost me $99 from Sonic Studio. 


It required re-measurement, but works well and sounds fantastic.


Since there is a free trial, you might want to give it a try.

Newbie Since 2/2015.  Amarra Luxe/TIDAL > Mid-2010 Mac Mini  > USB > AQ Jitterbug > Chord Electronics Mojo > Chord Anthem 2 i/c > Behringer A500 > Naim NACA5  > Spendor SP2/3r + stereo REL subs.  Sennheiser HP 600, Audio Technica ATH-m50x.  

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Hi, I too like Amarra and have been using it since 2010.

As my current soundcard won't work with Mojave, a few days ago I ordered an UMIK-1 and as soon as I get it I will try the new Amarra and IRC.


Will keep you posted!




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