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Ghent6a and Supra8 Ethernet Cables

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Ghent6a and Supra8 Ethernet Cables

Three ethernet cables for sale: (in order of pictures above)


1. Ghent ETO2 Belden 1303a CAT 6a JSSG 360 with Metz Connectors.  Type T568B  1 meter. New $70. Asking $40.00.

2. Supra Cat 8 half-meter. $25.00

3. Supra Cat 8 one meter.  $30.00

$95 for the batch.

I'm done testing cables for awhile; it's a snow day here in Dallas so am cleaning out the cable closet. see DC cables also posted today. Due to weather, I may not be able to ship until later this week.


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    95.00 USD
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iMac 27" with local music files > Audirvana 3.2.6 > Ethernet > MicroRendu (with LPS-1)> Schiit Yggy > Ayre K5 XE MP Preamp > Ayre v5 Amp > Aerial 10-T Speakers. PC's, SC's and  IC's all Cerious Technology, except Elrod EPS 2 to Ayre Pre and Ghent DC cord for M/R. 3 Ingress Audio Engineering Aluminum rollerballs and bearings under all except 4 under Yggy and 0 under Amp. Topaz 1k Iso, BPT power center with Cardas Myrtle block under. PS Audio wall plug, dedicated 20 amp run to equipment, second dedicated 20 amp run to distant iMac/Router, BK Precision 1604 for Netgear GS-1405 Switch, JSGT for M/R and Switch.

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