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ADM9.1 --> headphones?

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Hey guys


Sorry if I post this in the wrong thread but I didn't really know where it should be placed.


Anyway, as the title reads, I have a question regarding my ADM9.1's and a pair of headphones I want to buy + an additional headphone amp sooner or later.


This is my setup as of now:


*AVI ADM 9.1

*Slim Devices/Logitech Squeezebox v.3 (connected to ADM9.1 with AudioQuest toslink)

*Laptop with external harddrive connected to the SB v3

*PS3 (connected to ADM9.1 with Lindy toslink)


The analogue input on the ADM9.1 is not in use.


I'm going for a pair of AKG 701 or the new 702 and a headphone amp but I simply don't know how to connect them with my system. It would be a lot easier if I had an integrated amp or a separate system but how on earth do I manage to integrate a pair of headphones and a headphone amp with my current system?


I really do hope that someone can help me out


Thanks in advance


Best regards from Denmark




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Hello - If I follow you correctly I believe you'll need to use one of these options.


1. Analog output from your SB3 into your Headphone Amp.

2. Open Digital output from SB3 into a Headphone Amp with a DAC built-in.

3. Connect the Headphone Amp to you laptop via USB, again Headphone Amp will need built-in DAC.



Does this sound like it would work for you? maybe I misunderstood the whole thing :-)


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Would you be using the headphone system for the PS3 too? if this is the case, the variables and possibilities open up. And it all depends on what headphone amp you get.


If you are using your PS3 with headphones, you would most surely need a headphone amp with multiple inputs.


If you get a headphone amp with a DAC and coaxial and optical inputs, you could connect the optical out from your PS3 to the amp, and the coaxial out from your SB3 to your amp. And then use the analog input from the 9.1 with your analog outputs from your PS3.


If you get a headphone amp with only multiple analog inputs, connect the analog out from the SB3 and the analog out from your PS3 to your amp.


PS. I'm not sure about the audio outputs of the PS3.






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