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House wired with Cat 6 STP - should I modify the rj 45 connectors?

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Hi to all, 


I have a simple network with an ISP router/switch on an ifi ungrounded smps, connected directly to an ER in my music room via a 15 metre length of Belkin cat 6 stp (the type with a metal shield on the connectors). This cable is underfloor and very difficult to swap out for any alternatives. My question is - should I try to remove those metal shields from the connectors, or better yet, re terminate the cable with some quality rj45, like telegartner? Or am I barking up the wrong tree, given that the ER has a ground shunt? The ER is fed by a quality 12v grounded LPS and I am planning to put another grounded lps on the router in the next couple of weeks. I’m pretty confused having searched on this topic so any comments appreciated.  

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First thing to do is re-terminate with plastic RJ45 so the shield is simply a floated shield and not chassis or equipment tied.


Floating shield is common when you have 300 cables in a bundle and you need to prevent inter cable cross talk.

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