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DigiOne Signature Player Allo GUI

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Just received my new DigiOne Signature Player and it sounds awesome, but I was expecting at least some sort of instructions to come with it. Absolutely nothing. Kind of odd for a $400 product. How do I access the GUI? I'm able to locate its IP address and SSH into it, but if I enter that IP address in a browser, I get a login screen asking for a email address and password.

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Access Web Interface:
Web interface can be accessed via hostname (Bonjour/avahi compatible network), or the IP address (which can be obtained from HDMI output after boot):

Hostname access: http://dietpi.local

IP access: http://192.168.x.xx (replace IP to match system IP)

Login Details:

Username = [email protected]

Password = allo


I'm recommending you to visit this website






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