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Settings for HQPlayer with Schiit DAC?

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Greetings all, first post here :)


I have read quite a bit of the 797-post thread, and done all kinds of reading/looking around, but decided to try and get some specifics to my setup.


HQPlayer is just FABULOUS...I have been using foobar with KS for many years and also the russian album player also with KS and while they both sound very good, this is beyond everything Ive heard so far. thank you!


question for Jussi or Miska or anyone familiar with...Im using a small fanless minix quad-core mini-PC thats stripped of everything it doesnt need down to the wire so just to play audio. It goes to a schiit eitr USB/S/PDIF converter to a schiit modi multibit DAC. Fidelizer pro to purist level with win 10.


my settings are to output to PCM, wasapi, buffer 250, 20 bits, using either poly-sinc-ext2 or poly sinc-short-mp, and either NS4 or NS9, although TPDF sounds good too. ..sample rate 192K, volume -3 for both min and max, multicore dsp and adaptive output rate both greyed. Sounds killer but you know how ears can be! Listening to everything from heavy rock to classical.


anything off here, or to improve or try? Thanks so much in advance and I hope everybody's safe!



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