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FS: Uptone Audio LPS1.2

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FS: Uptone Audio LPS1.2

Spring cleaning sale following upgrade of my system from streamer to standalone music server.


For sale: LPS1.2 in very good condition (i may be able to free up a 2nd one later as i reconfigure my system)

Price:  $350 (shipping in US and paypal included)


this was purchased w/ a wall wart power supply and used with an etherRegen in my system

i cannot keep track of which wall wart is which :) as i move things around and also used a hdplex.

the wall wart SPS i have with is from Uptone Audio and has been modified with the negative shunt to ground

recommended by John Swenson (later version SPS had this already done).  this mod is the reason i put

green tape (with the notation negative shunted to ground) as a reminder around the SPS.


i may or may not have the orginal box but will pack securely either way.


i also have an excellent streaming NUC for sale


reliable seller and buyer (see head-fi, audiomart)




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